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What to expect

A step-by-step overview of what psychological therapy entails

What to expect: Services
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Assessment session

Our first appointment will be an 'assessment' session which will last 1 hour 30 minutes.  We will discuss what problems and difficulties you are having and identify your goals for therapy.
During your assessment I will ask you to complete questionnaires which will be focused on understanding more about your difficulties.
Often we can cover all that needs to be discussed in this initial session however in some cases the assessment may be extended in order to be as comprehensive as necessary.

Initial Formulation

During your assessment session we will discuss your initial 'formulation' and a proposed treatment plan. A formulation is a collaborative understanding of your current difficulties and often includes links between the past and present as well as ideas about what may be maintaining your difficulties. It can help you decide whether you would like to engage in psychological therapy.

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Treatment sessions

Psychological therapy sessions typically last 50 minutes.
I offer specialised, evidence-based therapy driven by your formulation and tailored to incorporate your holistic needs. I draw on a range of therapeutic approaches particularly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Narrative therapy and Compassion Focused therapy. What approach best suits your needs will be explained, discussed and agreed with you.

I invite potential clients to make contact initially. Following receipt of your enquiry, l offer a brief (15 minute) telephone consultation (no charge) to help determine whether psychological intervention could help.


Assessment session (1hr 30 mins): £100

Treatment session: £90


Payment is made by bank transfer within 24 hours of the session. Details on how to make the payment will be sent via email. 

In the event of cancelling a session please provide 24 hours' notice as this gives the chance for the appointment to be offered to someone else who may be waiting.

A payment of £100 will be charged should a session be cancelled within 24 hours of the agreed appointment date and time or if it is not attended.

What to expect: Welcome
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